How Core Web Vitals Will Improve Ecommerce Website UX Across Devices


In June 2021, Google began rolling out their new Core Web Vital update. The new criteria started using website usability as part of it’s methodology to establish search engine rankings. While Google had used UX aspects before, the three Core Web Vitals look to expand further on this as well as emphasising functionality across different devices. The first CWV, Largest …

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ECommerce Skills and Jobs That AI Can Never Replace

Ecommerce Job Girls

For many years, AI and automation have always been met with suspicions and fears of unemployment. Despite the many benefits that technology readily offers, there were a lot of hesitations from many people that cannot easily accept the idea of replacing people with machinery and jobs with software applications. However, the resistance to technology has slowly been swept away as …

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7 Best Ecommerce Platforms In 2021


Ecommerce is one of the world’s most popular forms of retail. Ecommerce platforms have revolutionized the way we shop. On average, ecommerce shoppers spend about $5 billion a year on these platforms alone. Ecommerce platforms offer more than just a place to buy and sell goods. They provide information on new products and innovations, help businesses grow their online presence …

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How Amazon Virtual Assistants Better Manage Your E-Store?

virtual assistant services

Many spent years honing their skills in Amazon and the outsourcing industry with impressive credentials and work experience regarding customer assistance. On the contrary, Amazon VAs have a lot more responsibilities. They fully understand the Amazon marketplace and how it is dominated by regulations, an ecosystem that is not easy. Therefore, you need to rely on Amazon virtual assistant services …

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10 Things You Need to Master your Amazon Services


So, you got some brand locked and loaded right at the corner of the street. You’re selling your products like hotcakes, right? Wait, what?! Your products are rotting inside your shop due to humidity; baked in the sunlight but not selling. Say no more! All you need is the amazing power of Amazon. You need to register your brand, set …

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Why You Should Integrate WooCommerce With SAP Business One

Integrate WooCommerce With SAP Business

WooCommerce and SAP Business One are key players in eCommerce and ERP when it comes to small or medium enterprises. WooCommerce being the most picked eCommerce platform and SAP Business One has become the choice for SMBs for business visibility and operations. Still, businesses are finding it difficult to manage data integration between the two platforms to manage all inventory, …

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How Can A Mobile App Accelerate Your E-Commerce Business?

How Can a Mobile App Accelerate Your E-Commerce Business

Every day, hundreds and thousands of mobile applications are released on the App Store or Play Store. These apps are then downloaded by the users to acquire the products or services offered by the business. We are quite curious to know about the number of shopping apps you have on your smartphone. Probably, 2 to 3 at least? There, you …

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