8 Magento Developers Tools to Use

Magento is mainly used for developing eCommerce websites. It is an incredible platform with maximum benefits for developers to develop robust online stores.

However, building a modern eCommerce website can be much easier if developers use Magento developers tools. These development tools help Magento developers to easily create dynamic websites, especially for freshers.

As we mentioned this platform has maximum benefits, but to leverage them, using the right Magento development tool is essential. To stand out from competitors, your eCommerce site will need bountiful resources, it will require something extra than just designing and coding.

Here, we have gathered some of the top Magento development tools that can be helpful for you while developing a feature-rich eCommerce site. Let’s discuss them in detail.

Magento- Quick Overview

Magento is an eCommerce framework that is written using PHP which was developed by Adobe in the year of 2018, but it was originally made by a US organization, Varien INC.

If you want to set up an eCommerce site, Magento can be the best alternative for it. There are more than 2,40,000 eCommerce stores created using Magento.

There are more than $155 billion in transactions made through the Magento framework yearly. Magento also provides two different platforms- Magento Commerce and Magento open-source platforms.

Magento Commerce

This platform- Magento Commerce is made to handle enterprise businesses with complex support. In other words, Magento Commerce is the advanced version of Magento Open Source.

Both of them have almost similar core files, but it’s not accessible for developers and merchants.
But it has additional advanced features than Magento open source that too at reasonable rates. Hence, it’s a beneficial platform for developing eCommerce websites. Sometimes managing a store can be challenging but its installation is easy.

Magento Open Source

This Magento tool has an open-source eCommerce framework which is called Magento Community Edition. A developer can easily access and modify the core files and functions by just attaching the latest plugins collected from the colleague developer.

This tool is made in a way that it can build a basic eCommerce platform for the users. It can create functions like Payment, Shipping, Integrated Checkout, Instant Purchase, Global Selling, etc.
Now, let’s learn the top Magento developer’s tools that we have gathered for you.

Top 8 Magento Developers tools to use in 2023

1) PHPStorm

The PHPStorm tool is one of the most potent and valuable Magento Development tools being used for Magento projects. It also helps you to manage and categorize the projects easily with less work. It also stipulates the tools to debug, test, and make your app more efficient and productive.

Most of the Magneto developers in India prefer to use PHPStorm when this tool is suitable for their app requirements.

Advantages of PHPStorm:

  • This tool is easy to install
  • It has smart PHP code assistance
  • It also supports a version control system
  • Remote and FTP synchronization is possible with PHPStorm
  • Inside the IDEA of this tool, there’s the facility for visual debugging

2) MageTool

MageTool is an effective development tool that makes use of the Zend framework for developing Magento websites.

The most essential advantage of this tool is that it will help you reduce the numerous repetitive tasks. It makes it easy to migrate Magento admin and MySQL tools. Hence, Magento developers can easily execute commands to improve the workflow substantially.

Advantages of MageTool:

  • It helps in automating the common operations
  • Easily operates to reindex data and clear cache
  • Easy switching to MySQL tool from Magento Admin
  • Improved workflow of your app/software

3) Xdebug

Xdebug tool is also an advantageous Magento Development tool that helps in debugging the PHP codes quickly using the DBGp debugging standards. This tool also helps you manage the data of PHP scripts.

Advantages of Xdebug:

  • When the script is executed, Xdebug runs through the code editor
  • It helps you to provide improved solutions and solve PHP errors
  • Helps you to write and trace each missing argument and function call in your code
  • Helps you to improve your app by searching and removing blockages

4) MagentoPHPUnit Integration

Magento PHPUnit is a tool that makes it possible to test the code’s quality and other specific situations that can cause errors in the system.

The main files are kept untouched and a particular database is made to find mistakes and errors and test them significantly.

Here are the advantages of MagentoPHPUnit:

  • This tool helps you to test the quality of your app’s code
  • Helps in configuring module errors
  • Works as a bridge from Magento to PHPUnit

5) Template Path Hints

This Magento Developers tool turns the template path hints in the backend and front end of the online store developed using Magento.

A developer can easily sync and locate paths for template files and blocks as per the design using this path hint tool.

This tool gets turned on by typing what you are searching for in the URL box. It’s similar to Joomla in work when there’s a need to turn on the path hints. With several different ways available, you can ease out to use this tool for the back end as well as the front end.

Here are the advantages of using Template Path Hints:

  • Simple and updated proof module
  • Using Joomla makes it easy to enable the template path hints
  • This tool is easy to use
  • There’s the option to disable or enable path hints
  • Adding an access code of security is a feasible feature

6) Magento 2 Cache Clean

This tool is also intimidating when it states cleaning and cache in the name. Well, the ‘Magento 2 Cache Clean’ also works as a Magento development tool that helps you to automate the cache cleaning process of your app from the development platform. It works quickly as soon as you start writing the code.

The development in Magento 2 without any cache enabled might be inefficient and slow. So, having this development tool is necessary to clear the cache automatically. You are free from the worry of deleting the cache whenever new code is added; because each update is noted and cache memory is deleted automatically.

7) Magento Debug

This tool is the subset of one of the most popular frameworks known as Django. If you are thinking why is this tool called debug, it is because it provides a feature of the debugger toolbar.

Magento Debug is a useful tool for debugging Django-developed code. It is advantageous to show requests in order to help developers get an easy understanding of the code script.

This tool is mainly a developer debug toolbar that functions and looks the same as the Magento development toolbar. Other than that, both programs have almost similar features. Some distinguished features of Magento Debug include:

  • At the time of the page load, models and collections are called
  • Data about the events and observer is gathered
  • Additionally, their parent classes will extend the available classes
  • This tool provides information on blocks and includes their names related template files, and their complete file paths.

8) MageReport

MageReport is a Magento Development tool that helps you to evaluate the security and quality of a Magento website and gives you quick fixes for maintaining the security status. Moreover, you can also know how to fix feasible vulnerabilities.

It searches errors not only in the Magento store but also in some common third-party extensions.

Magento Development Tools- Final Verdict

The eight Magento development tools that we discussed in this article are the primary tools that Magento developers choose to work with. These tools make Magento development easier. If you want to learn more about other tools, bookmark us. We might bring a new article on Magento 2 developer tools based on the response of our readers. Till then, stay tuned and happy reading.

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