7 tips before starting your e-commerce

Are you preparing to launch your e-commerce? So welcome to this article where we are going to give you some precious tips to start this new adventure. Discover 8 tips to start your business successfully!


1 – Study the competition

Evaluating your competitors will be a first step in figuring out how to stand out and address the growth of your e-commerce. You must analyze your strengths as well as weaknesses, to implement a different and effective strategy. It’s your best chance to succeed.

2 – Choose the e-commerce solution suited to your needs

WordPress, Magento, Prestashop, ZenCart

Platforms to create your online store no shortage of! Study all the tools available to you, their advantages and disadvantages, to select the one that best suits your needs and your web development skills.

3 – Organize your SEO referencing & marketing strategy

From the start, you need to find the communication channel suited to your activity.

Depending on your target and the products sold, you need to think about an editorial line that incorporates notions of SEO and a commercial aspect.

Defining your editorial strategy begins with keyword analysis used by your consumers.

You have to find the terms they will enter in the search engines, to find targeted phrases, which will bring qualified traffic to your e-commerce. Also think about long-tail keywords (phrase longer than 3 words), as they are often less competitive and attract higher quality visitors.

When you have defined the terms on which you want to position your store, you must write the pages and product sheets of your e-commerce. Remember to integrate the keywords in strategic places such as the title, subtitles, images, etc.

Finally, the selected expressions should also be found in the different content of your blog. It is the latter that will bring you the most traffic and help you boost your visibility in the search engines.

4 – Develop your community

Why wait until your e-commerce business is online to communicate with customers on social networks?
The sooner you ensure the communication of your project, the faster you will generate turnover. Start building profiles on social media now and posting articles on collaborative blogs to publicize your name and future products.
By the time your merchant site opens, you will already have acquired a few consumers.

5 – Create a blog to talk about your project

Check with your web developer to quickly open your blog section.

You can regularly publish interesting posts at the start of your adventure.

This will help you to increase your community, but also to increase your site in the search engine results. Indeed, the blog will influence your natural referencing and, at the time of the official opening of your online store, you will already be positioned on strategic keywords.

6 – Collect email addresses

Already prepare a prospecting file by offering your readers the possibility of subscribing to your newsletter.
To ensure the success of your official opening, you can send all your loyal subscribers an email announcing the launch of the site and, why not, give a reduction code to thank them (users/customers) for their support during the implementation of your project.

7 – Find a provider for the creation of your e-commerce

To be sure that your commercial site is operational and quickly brings you profits, entrust its realization to a specialist.

You will find many e-commerce developers willing to create the store of your dreams. Post your ad quickly with the main lines of your specifications and find the ideal freelance!


With these 7 tips, you know how to approach your e-commerce project in broad outline. After finding a web partner to help you on this incredible adventure, you can start communicating about your future baby and start your business successfully!

Author Bio
Digvijay Rajddan is Marketing Manager at Design By Lavassa and has served as the Head of Conversion Marketing at Planet Web Solution. He’s an expert in inbound marketing and lead generation.

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