AmeriCommerce for Multiple Web Stores

AmeriCommerce professional online cart software lets you run multiple web stores from one ecommerce hosting platform. AmeriCommerce gives you everything for making and managing one or multiple web stores of your choice. AmeriCommerce has a history of winning multiple web store software and business awards, for its powerful shopping cart software and massive list of features. It virtually leaves no stone unturned for any ecommerce website, big or small.

This monthly e-commerce service comes with solid, stable online e-commerce cart software and reliable website hosting. It easily integrates with custom applications, accounting and shipping software like Quickbooks, PeachTree, PayPal, Google Checkout, UPS, FedEx and more. Over 150 well known names are integrated already. No need to piece meal your website with this one – it’s all here.

The Only eCommerce Software that Runs Multiple Web Stores from One Central Interface & One Master Inventory

AmeriCommerce gives you the ability to operate multiple web stores, on multiple websites, all from one SQL server database and one master inventory. This feature is not found in other ecommerce software of this class. You can process all orders and customer information of multiple storefronts from the one centralized location also. You will never have to log into each website individually to manage its orders, inventory, etc.

How can you make the most money in the least amount of time? If you can run multiple web stores with AmeriCommerce in just a little more time than it takes to run one web store, that’s something to think about.

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eCommerce Software Features

  • One feature that really jumped out at me about AmeriCommerce is that it has many extras built into it, free of charge, of which other cart software systems charge extra.
  • Free mobile commerce theme included (what smartphone users see when they visit your website). Compatible with latest cell phone technologies – iPhones, Androids and Blackberries
  • Comparison Shopping Engine Services: Automatically push your entire product catalog by datafeeds to over 40 major comparison shopping sites and affiliate networks daily. Pricing starts at FREE and is adjusted according to your custom choices.
  • Massive Advanced Reports & Graphs: Sales & Reporting Analysis, Advanced Website Analytics, Tax Reports, Pay Per Click Reporting, Visitor Analysis, 3rd Party Tracking Support, etc.
  • Integrates with UPS, USPS and FedEx APIs for real-time shipping calculations. Rate tables and custom shipping methods are also supported.
  • Drop Shipping & Fulfillment Integration: Automatically break up orders containing products from multiple drop shippers and send customized email notifications to fulfillment warehouses.
  • Flexible Product Creation and Management: Use multiple ways such as a web-based catalog editor, mass-product editor, CSV file imports and exports, or Web API Services. No limits on categories, groups, products, kits, variants or attributes. Tweak products down to the itty bitty.
  • Individual Web Store Features: Run multiple web stores on separate websites, but change numerous key elements on each store. Change themes, web store text, individual products, pricing, search engine keywords, etc.
  • Storefront Design Tools: Drag-and-drop and point-and-click your theme’s features to easily change any part of the style with little CSS knowledge. Also integrates with DreamWeaver.
  • Dozens of Widgets: Slideshows, Product Carousel, Best Sellers, Newest Items, Mailing List Signup, Shopping Cart in Sidebar, Site Search Bar, Category or Product Browsing, etc.
  • Sell digital products, serialized products, time-based specials, etc.
  • Offer customers related items, upsells and cross sells.
  • Allow customers to leave product reviews.
  • Allow customers to zoom in a product and change its colors.
  • MicroStore Ability: Configure store so that certain user groups only see certain products, or get special pricing for quantity breaks.
  • Sell Subscriptions (not many other ecommerce carts do this)
  • Gift & coupon features
  • One page checkout
  • AmeriCommerce live phone support
  • Full Knowledgebase and support, latest software updates, user forums and feature voting
  • Affiliate management features to operate your own affiliate programs
  • Numerous payment gateways and real time credit card processing
  • Process offline sales and credit cards manually
  • Merchant services with low rates available through AmeriCommerce, or use any one on their list of numerous others
  • PCI compliant with credit card industry
  • Free SSL security certificate

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