4 Reasons Why You Need An Explainer Videos While Sell Product On Ecommerce

Ecommerce has been very popular over the last ten years. The development of ecommerce is in line with our new habit today: which is a happy to buy online. The existence of ecommerce certainly facilitates shopping transactions, primarily supported by payments through joint accounts and many promo programs.

Selling on ecommerce is undoubtedly very profitable, for those of you who know the strategy well. If your business is still at the middle-class business level or even still pioneering, you can compete with top-notch companies if you’re in ecommerce.

There’s no accessible business as easy as turning the palm. All must need effort and strategy. To sell on e-commerce, we recommend you to have an explainer video.

Why? Here are the logical reasons that you cannot refuse.

1. Explainer Video helps your visitors know your product better

Why bother explaining with text or pictures? With the help of an explainer video, prospective customers will know your product or service better. Online shoppers tend to like video content more than others.

This phenomenon happens because there is a direct experience to see —for example, how-to videos or video tutorials. Online shoppers will more easily believe in products that are visible in 3D—through explainer videos.

Apart from increasing the knowledge of prospective buyers, explainer video also helps increase your credibility in ecommerce. This credibility is important because to compete in ecommerce, you need a good rating.

The simple flow is like this:

You have an explainer video content, and your store appears on the first page. After that, your visitors will increase as your buyers will increase too. Then, with excellent service and good product quality, customers will give you the highest rating. With this, your credibility gets better and the flow goes on like this.

2. Explainer Video makes your visitor stay longer in your online store

With an attractive and well-designed explainer video, online shoppers will hold up to linger scrolling in your online store on ecommerce. Explainer video certainly attracts its interest.

There’s the latest study on the connection between an explainer video’s duration and viewer retention rate shows that, on average, clips that are 60 seconds retain the most attention at 77%.

This study also reminds us to let you know: if you want to create an explainer video, make sure to make it brief, concise, and precise, especially when it comes to mainstream products —where people don’t need to know more because they already know.

If your product is limited and focused, it will be straightforward to have a video that can represent your entire business. However, if the products you sell on e-commerce are many and varied, it might be better to have at least one video.

3. Explainer Videos can be used for any products and services

Of course! Explainer videos are always the perfect channel for every product and service. Videos help people learn more about an item, prepare them for a purchase.

You can create video content to entertain, improve memory, educate, and attract attention to buy. With the right script and CTA, you can make videos for every product and service you sell on ecommerce.

Whatever type of product and your services, it can be better to explain using video. If you are still unsure, try playing to the Breadnbeyond YouTube channel. There you’ll find a variety of products and services from various industries that can be explained with just one-minute video.

See a sample video from Zeux, the blockchain company, as follows:

4. Explainer Videos tend to make your products or services appear on the first page

Like the existence of SEO video on search engines, the ecommerce algorithm is almost the same: displaying video content on the first page.

This point is undoubtedly beneficial for you. Online shoppers will click on the results that appear first. Besides, they also tend to be easier to believe in what seemed at the beginning. And lazy to click on the next page.

However, not all e-commerce algorithms implement this. Need further research, or you can do the test or experiment yourself.


By having an explainer video for ecommerce’s business, you have invested digitally to increase visitors, expand customer reach, and increase sales. If you have decided to have one, choose an explainer video style that matches the product or service you are selling.

There are several popular explainer video style on the internet, as follows:

  • Live-action videos
  • Motion graphic animated videos
  • Cartoon animated videos
  • Whiteboard animated videos
  • Kinetic typography animation
  • Cutout animation videos
  • Silhouette animation videos
  • Animated music videos
  • Stop motion videos
  • Infographic videos
  • Animated stick figures
  • Screencast animation videos

How’s it then? Do you understand the urgency of an explainer video to sell on ecommerce? We hope that after this, your business in ecommerce will become more in demand!

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