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Newest Ecommerce blog, providing top-notch eCommerce articles. You can find actionable information related to ecommerce store set up, from basic to advance level with the latest technologies to enhance your online store.

This blog is eight or more years old, yet we have mentioned it’s new, because we did not owned it previously prior to 12th December 2019. It’s an expired domain recently we have purchased it through Godaddy website auction sale.

Previous it’s owned by an eCommerce specialist, Donna Joseph. We are able to copy the about us page with the help of web archive. Here is the copy of about us page shared from Donna Joseph.

My name is Donna Joseph and I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself to you. This site is meant to be more about you rather than me, but I will share a little about my general background here so you know the origination of the advice on this website.

Technical Background

In the early 1980’s I started out as a PC technician for Compaq Computer Corporation in Houston, Texas, which led to several IT-related positions in later years. In the late 1980’s, I moved to Knoxville, Tennessee and began teaching computer courses at several training businesses and a 2-year college. In 1993, I started my own classroom-style computer training business in Knoxville which carried me through the mid 1990’s.

I enjoyed teaching computer courses to a very diverse group of people. Students ranged from 4 to 88 years old, and were from all walks of life and at all levels of intelligence. The most meaningful work in the field was developing a job training program for a technical institute, and teaching unemployed and displaced workers in the program.

After a major life shift in 1996, I moved to New York (my roots) and went back to the corporate working world. For a short time I worked as a Training Coordinator for a database software company, and then as a Systems Engineer for a computer services company. Those experiences helped me decide that the corporate world was not for me.

Merchant Related Interests

In 1998, I started a small website development and computer services business which I still operate today (as web development only). That same year, a customer consulted me for a very customized retail point-of-sale project for his chain of 17 lube shops. His outdated computers running on an old version of the Unix operating system were all not ready for the year 2000. He requested all new computers, new software for a lube shop chain with numerous customized features, and the ability to network the shops via the internet. At the time, all of these were each an unbelievable fortune.

After several months of researching possible point-of-sale solutions, I finally located a program developer in Florida who said he could customize his already developed point-of-sale program to my customer’s requests. Thus, I went to Florida with my employee and paid the programmer $16,000 to begin the contract project. At the programmer’s request I hauled five new computers with me, for the installation of the generic version of his program. I also paid him for three days of software training for my employee and me.

Then after four long months of waiting, the programmer reneged. My customer was furious, and I was sick. I did manage to get most of the money back, but I was out much time and expenses.

And so I had to make lemonade out of lemons to survive. The experience gave me a new interest, the knowledge of (offline and online) merchants’ typical needs. As added computer services, I sold and serviced some retail point of sale hardware and software for several years thereafter.

I used the Miva Merchant online database software to develop merchant eCommerce sites back then. It was very robust, (yet expensive), and it had some eCommerce functions that similar applications lacked. I also set up several merchants’ eBay stores with the eBay Blackthorne application over the years, and automated their businesses by integrating their POS hardware with their online services.

In 2005, I moved back to Tennessee for a more relaxing pace of life and warmer climate. To heck with the roots, I have been much happier in the South ever since.

I currently focus on developing my own website(s), and I thoroughly enjoy researching and writing about business products and services for merchants. I realize that non-technical merchants may find some of the online information confusing, so perhaps for those, I can help connect the dots. Additionally, the web is getting cluttered with fluff articles authored by those only interested in their own gain; this makes it difficult to extract the good from the bad, or to understand what is necessary as the components for an online web store and what is not, and in what order.

The goal of this website then is to suggest or present some of the quality products and services that could be most useful for merchants, and in an easily understood format. I sincerely hope that this will help you in some way, and if it does, I would be most grateful if you support my efforts by buying through the links on this site.

Good luck to you in your business and thank you for reading,

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