Set Up a Web Store with ashop Ecommerce Software

ashop ecommerce Software will help you set up a web store in a simple way and without technical knowledge. With the ashop shopping cart you can build and customize your online shop yourself, without hiring any website or ecommerce developers.

The ashop ecommerce software will satisfy most merchants who have anywhere from 1 to 10,000width=”160″ height=”160″ products for their online web store. It is known as one of the easiest to use ecommerce software, and for having a long list of features to help you set up a web store that smoothly integrates with numerous third party services, eBay and numerous datafeeds. The ashop ecommerce developers have included over 60 professional store themes, no transaction fees, and made it SEO friendly.

Set Up a Web Store with Room to Grow Features

Another nice feature of the ashop ecommerce software is that they include unlimited bandwidth in all of their packages. You will not be penalized no matter what size web store you have, even if your website traffic hits the roof. This is a notable feature because bandwidth freedom is an important consideration when you set up a web store, and some of ashop’s competitors charge extra for it. Ashop also has some other perks that they give freely with all of their packages (that some of the others do not), such as a Newsletter Manager, a Facebook application, unlimited product images and a few more.

A unique ashop web store freebie is the Scheduled Themes feature. You can select multiple holiday themes and set scheduled dates of when to activate and deactivate them. For example, you can set a Valentine’s theme to begin in mid-January and to end on February 15th. This will allow you to do your work ahead of time during off-peak seasons. See more details of how the ashop commerce shopping cart can help you here.

The ashop concept is that you pay only for what you need, not for things that you may never use. Thus, their Starter Package is for a small merchant who wants to set up a web store with less than 100 products and who does not need more than 50mb of disk space. The other ashop packages are priced according to their increasing sizes.

Therefore, some features that you might expect automatically in their Starter Package, such as Gift Certificates, Digital Goods Delivery or a website’s Blog are offered as separate add-on ecommerce software apps. If you need just a few of them, it could make more sense to choose the next package that includes them.

The ashop ecommerce Starter Package is competitively priced at $24.95 per month. Yet if you sign up for a 24-month term at (+/-) $17 per month, it becomes one of the lowest priced ecommerce services of this type. (Although it is for 24 months, ashop will still refund you with a 30-day notice.) The other packages are heavily discounted for the longer term as well.

A quick comparison of the ashop ecommerce service to a few others:

ashop’s unlimited bandwidth is one of its advantages, but it does not have as many apps as some of its competitors either. On their website I counted 19 (as of this review). This does not necessarily mean that you will not get everything you need out of their web store software itself and their available apps; to me, it simply indicates that they may not be as state-of-the-art as (namely), the 3dcart ecommerce provider or BigCommerce.

BigCommerce’s starter ‘Bronze,’ $24.95 per month, also has more features than ashop’s starter, and 200mb disk space and 2gb bandwidth. (BigCommerceBigCommerce shopping cart is highly rated for its quality built-in SEO features, its unique banner maker and many apps.)

AmeriCommerce also offers the time-released themes, and the AmeriCommerce starter ‘Steel Package,’ $24.95 per month, has a more generous 250mb disk space. The Steel Package appears to have more features than ashop’s Starter, and, although AmeriCommerce’s Steel Package limits the bandwidth to 2gb per month, approximately 1 to 1.5gb bandwidth is sufficient for a starting website anyhow.

In conclusion, if you need an easy way for you or your nontechnical employees to set up a web store, ashop can be an excellent choice of feature-rich ecommerce software. It is also one of the best priced ecommerce services available if you sign up for the longer term. However, the Starter Package with a very small amount of disk space will only serve merchants who have a low number of products and do not need a graphic intensive site for any reason, (such as lots of photos, videos, etc.)

Although ashop does not have as many apps as some of their competitors, that should only matter if the all-important feature that you need is not available. You can get a free trial to set up a web store with the ashop ecommerce software here.

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