5 Financial Tips for a New eCommerce Business

Launching a new eCommerce business means entering a race with millions of competitors on a global level.
If you get into this match unprepared, without enough financial assets, you’ll soon finish your participation in it without any success.

That’s why forming a sustainable business budget is a must for every new e-store owner.

In the next few paragraphs, future eCommerce entrepreneurs can learn more about the financial features necessary to form a fund for a new online store.


1) Offer discounts on bulk buying

When you’re a new name in eCommerce, you need to convince people that they can trust you and your products.
Since most of your potential customers will need some time to analyze what you offer and under what conditions.
What you can do to accelerate the trust-building process is to offer some benefits to the first group of customers.

One of the most efficient incentives to attract new buyers is to offer volume discounts to kick-start the sales of your products. In such deals, the price per item is lowered so that buyers can save a significant amount of money by buying hundreds or even thousands of products within one bulk. Ecommerce owners can generate their first larger income by using this method.

If you can negotiate a grace period with your suppliers, you’ll buy yourself some valuable time to wisely distribute the income generates from your first bulk sales.

2) Rely on in-house visuals

Visual features are an important part of every eCommerce website. They’re especially valuable for a new eCommerce website. This is also the business element that can help you draw the attention of your potential buyers.
In that light, every eCommerce business owner needs to rely on their own in-house visuals. From product images and other business-related pictures to videos, having your own materials will add to your credibility and recognizability in the online surroundings. What’s more, you won’t have to spend money on third parties to get visuals.

When you’ve taken the photos of the products that you want to sell via your website, it’s necessary to properly optimize those product photos for eCommerce.

If you don’t have enough time to do it on your own, think about hiring one or more freelancers to prepare the product photos for your website.

Properly edited and adapted images and videos is important in terms of social media, as well. If you’re able to produce and publish consistent visual materials across different digital channels, your business will take off faster than you thought. In turn, you’ll start generating more assets and improving your financial condition.

3) Automate procedures

It would be difficult for eCommerce business owners to handle all the sales procedures and business operations alone.

Hiring assistants and outsourcers is possible, but it incurs significant expenses for new eCommerce entrepreneurs. This is a better option for the later stages of business development.

So, eCommerce business people should automate their business procedures as much as possible.

Thanks to technological development, you can rely on order management tools to automate data entry in terms of the stock. Sending emails and newsletters, together with shipping notifications, can be automated, as well.

It’s also possible to tag your VIP-clients so that they receive special notifications on highly valuable products once they’re available in stock. Likewise, you can create different types of advertising campaigns and have them launched once you’ve obtained the products sold that way.

These options will help you strengthen your clients’ loyalty while increasing your sales.

4) Find affordable couriers

Generating leads and winning over clients is futile if you don’t have an affordable and reliable shipping company to work with.

First and foremost, the shipping company needs to be located in the vicinity of your business headquarters or the warehouse where you keep your items. Even if a company from another part of the country or the region might have lower prices, it might not be as expedient as the one closer to you. However, today, there are shipping companies with branches and subsidiaries throughout the country. If such a courier offers competitive prices to ship your goods, go for it.

In that light, coverage is another important criterion when choosing a shipping company.

In addition, you should do your homework and find out more about the track record of potential couriers. Google reviews, social media groups, and forums are all valuable sources of information for that matter.

Affordable but unreliable couriers aren’t an option, because late deliveries or missing items can damage your reputation. Expensive but reliable shipping companies won’t be a good choice for businesses with scarce financial assets. So, you’ll need a trustworthy courier with positive reviews. Think about opting for one of the newly launched companies in that niche.

5) Utilize the power of digital marketing

Working in eCommerce means constantly being in the spotlight of online marketing. People share their experiences with eCommerce companies via social media. If your clients praise them via these digital channels, your popularity might grow pretty fast.

As opposed to that, negative impressions and ratings can destroy your entire business effort.

That’s why you should utilize the power of digital marketing to promote your business in the best possible light.

Your website needs to be the central hub of your entire eCommerce effort. We’ve already highlighted the importance of well-prepared product photos. They’ll increase the conversion rates and improve the sales on your website.

As proposed by a web design company in Houston, every website needs to have several sections. In terms of eCommerce, this includes an informative FAQ-section, a contact section with various details (phone number, physical business address, e-mail address, alternative contact forms, such as WhatsApp and social media chats), and a blog section.

If possible, an eCommerce website should allow its users to leave their comments and ratings on the purchased items. These will be precious insights for potential future buyers, plus, such content doesn’t cost business owners a cent.

All these features regarding digital marketing can be implemented either at low costs or without any expenditure whatsoever.

Finances need to be kept under strict control when you’re launching an eCommerce business. Offering discounts for bulk purchases is a good chance to make a larger amount of money within a short time. Automating some sales procedures and tasks is another frugal and efficient option. Relying on an efficient shipping company and digital media will ensure that you deliver your products and promote your business at low rates while increasing your sales. By applying all these financial tips, eCommerce entrepreneurs will keep their ventures growing at a steady pace.

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