Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2021: Marketing Strategies For Your Store

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday kicking off the festive period, it’s the time of year that eCommerce sales start to sky rocket. The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has led to increased online sales, putting further emphasis on website optimization. For small ecommerce businesses, it is essential to have an online strategy to make the most of the increased traffic online and increase sales during the holiday period. A fundamental principle to remember is that you are trying to convert browsers to buyers. Therefore reducing the barrier to purchase is crucial. One aspect of this is your payment method offering, giving the consumer multiple payment choices may reduce the cart abandonment rate.

Beating competition is a large part of ecommerce sales, price is only one factor. Creating an inviting website that consumers trust and are interested in buying from can also create customer loyalty. The graphic below shows 10 steps to take during the holiday period for ecommerce store owners to maximize their success.

Black Friday & Cyber Monday Marketing Strategies

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