Ecommerce Email Marketing: A Professional Guide to Do it Right in 2020

Now that we’re half-way across 2020, there’s still too much happening in the digital world. Since countries across the globe face lockdowns amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, need for digitization has never been felt so dire with almost every business irrespective of size or operations now moving to digital transformation. Connecting with customers and clients has long been a basic corporate practice but there’s something to ecommerce email marketing that’s too pervasive and growing.

Although the headlines say something different like email is killed due to barrage of spam and social/promotional messages, more than 91% internet users in the U.S. still count on email as a primary communication means especially among st the young entrepreneurs and business leaders. In fact, email marketing has been ranked as one of the most effective communication channels with nearly $50 ROI for every dollar spent.

And as the digital frontier becomes more powerful and vast, ecommerce email marketing gains momentum with ever increasing need to link up with new clients and customers while retaining the existing ones. As a leading web design agency in New York, we’re proud to share a detailed professional guide on all the latest ecommerce email marketing trends that are sure to give your business wings to fly in 2020 and beyond. Read on and enjoy!

Personalization Taking Over

Emails are more likely to get optimistic results if they’re personalized. A digital marketing survey revealed that nearly 77% percent carefully crafted and personalized emails increase customer engagement with more or less 700% higher transactions. This is because customers today are too savvy and overwhelmed with emails at the same time which is why something different and customized would always cut through the noise.

As we move further into 2020, the number of user data in combination to the industry automation services results in powerful and robust ecommerce marketing strategy for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

A.I. Powered Emails Taking New Strides

e-mail-marketingThough not entirely novel, many businesses and industries have yet to realize the importance of Artificial Intelligence teamed up with human creativity. Fortunately, ecommerce brands and leading platforms today lean heavily on A.I. with increasing use and popularity of chatbots to answer customer queries as well as guide them through the sales process. The most obvious impact of A.I. on ecommerce email marketing are:

  • Personalized A/B Testing
    Most advanced email marketing software today can identify and test content copy, image aligning, promotional queries and call-to-actions that best work for customers across the board. This way, you can send more personalized and tailored emails that are sure to hit the mark.
  • Frequency & Timing
    An automated and/or A.I. powered email system would determine the precise time, day, week and number of emails to dispatch for each individual customer. This automated scheduling works best and have already brought successful results to ecommerce email campaigns.
  • Exploring New Grounds
    Demographic factors such as age and gender are easier to explore however, there’re a few trickier segments posing greater challenge. An A.I. powered system, on the contrary, can solve this problem easily by identifying behavioral factors such as purchase and browsing intent of the user/customer, lifecycle state, engagement level with the brand and much more. This would contribute to more segmented and targeted emails for better results.

The Dawn of Generation Z
Individuals born between the years 1997 and 2012 are categorized as Generation Z. Some amazing facts about this Generation Z are:

  • The first generation to be born and raised in a digitally connected world.
  • Parents of Generation Z already have mobile phones, high-speed internet and active email accounts.
  • They’re active social media users since high school or even earlier.
  • More or less 98% Generation Z are smartphone owners with half the percent to spend nearly 10-hours of screen time per day.

Indeed, this is a generation that has grown up with social media, being highly active and heavy social media users as well as savvy email users. Some other surprising facts are that nearly 60% of these check their emails multiple times per day, love receiving emails from brands they follow and around two-third have already finished successful transaction/purchasing as a result of ecommerce email marketing, perhaps carefully crafted by a leading web design agency in New York.

User-Generated Content

Combination of multimedia that is text, videos, images and more, created by actual user or human is defined as User-Generated Content. Product reviews and customer feedback is a fine example whereas success can be measured by appropriately knowing how, when and why to gather feedback. Ecommerce emails can be made interactive by including gamification or customer-engaging features such as question-and-answers, quizzes and more.

Even More Interactive Content
2020 is the year of voice assistants, smart devices and A.I speakers that can actually read emails. By the end of 2020, there will be more than 260 million speakers worldwide whereas visionary email marketers in collaboration with futuristic web design agency in New York and worldwide are already crafting emails with accessibility and even more interactive content, powered by auditory CTAs.

Some of the Hottest Email Triggers to Follow

  • Animated CTAs and button
  • Product offering with rollover effects
  • User-controlled interactive images and product carousels
  • More compact long-form emails featuring accordion design
  • Short text, more design and interactive features
  • Prefer real text HTML rather than in-image text
  • Be vigilant of text alignment that shouldn’t be center-justified
  • Bigger fonts and appropriate line spacing
  • Accessible HTML tables
  • Use of semantic HTML

Key Takeaways
The imminent boom of search engines, SEO practices, social media and mobile further evolved the email marketing landscape with even bigger changes yet to come. Digital marketing statistics further revealed that email system, be it for ecommerce or other business structure will continue to advance.

Ecommerce businesses, big and small, must consider personalization and segmented email marketing strategies to mover ahead. These tactics can be applied on customized offers, targeted sales, creative content and much more. Then comes A.I, that introduced everyone to a new level of personalization and segmentation including the coming of smart accessible tools and chat bots.

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Rout Lita is a professional digital content creator, SEO and editor having years of experience working for many different industries and recently working in the Digital Marketing department at Digital Gravity Agency. In her free time, she loves to watch movies, read books, and play console games.

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