How To Create a Memorable Unboxing Experience

The boom in eCommerce over the last 20 years has seen the majority of businesses pivot to replicate their in-store experience with the impersonal realities of remote order delivery. A fascinating aspect of this business shift is the sustained trend of customers engaged with every aspect of a company. In particular, from the mid-2010s, customers across the board are looking to online reviews and consumer videos before they make their next purchase. In tandem with this, businesses have begun to look at their public profile with a greater emphasis on transparency and 360 degree branding. It’s not enough anymore just to have a recognizable name and a great product.

One area that measurably drives the attraction and retention of customers is the experience of how they receive your product. From purchase through to packaging and parcel delivery, market trends show that every detail counts as a way to tell your brand story, communicate your values, and establish an emotional connection with customers. This expectation is reflected in the enduring popularity of ‘unboxing’ videos on YouTube with an average of 90,000 searches for this type of content every single month. The tactile experience of a thoughtfully packaged order with sustainable add-ons, the option to customize packaging, and product freebies are all the finishing touches that set you apart. Beth Owens writes most succinctly, “If you aren’t leveraging your brand’s unboxing experience to the fullest, you’re missing out on a brilliant opportunity to express yourself.”

2 Flow provided this infographic using their industry expertise to help get businesses started with ‘How to Create a Memorable Unboxing Experience’. They cover essential practical information like the components to incorporate into your business processes as well as tips for scaling these updates with your budget. No matter your industry, even a small handwritten note will make an impact as will a simple returns policy.


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