How To Optimize Products On Online Shopping Store

The world is shifting towards the digital market and is growing day by day as people are more relying on technology and tread in demand and supply also increases on online portals. To maintaining equilibrium, online stores are inviting more and more sellers to their platforms and seller sees great opportunity in it. These leading new sellers to a miserable place where they find no place to optimize products and have no knowledge about optimization. Without optimization of the product page, seller products are hardly visible on the search engine result page, which leads him to close his business in a short period.

If a seller gets an opportunity and tries to learn basic optimization then he needs loads of content, videos, online class, and much more. And bypassing time things gets more complicated and leads him to confusion as well. For sorting out these things the vendor or seller must have understood just a few terminologies for basic optimization to achieve unremarkable results. Basic optimization requires few things which are discussed in this blog. But first, you must understand what optimization is and how it works.

Optimization is a process for making things more effective and stable. Usually, optimization is done by Search Engine Optimizer and these people are expensive and highly paid once. A seller can also perform optimization by following some simple steps.


1) Meta Title / Title of product

The title is the primary and most important thing used in the optimization of product pages. To optimize products first you need to understand the product, product market, and its users. Always try to optimize with its complete name and try to include its most important specification. It is also important to include e-commerce online shopping website keywords like “buy, purchase, price, area name where you are delivering, deals and discounts, discounts offer, promotional discounts”.

This will help search engines to know that this product is for sale at this price and in this area. for example, if we take mobile phone Vivo S1 Pro Smartphone, we will make a title like “Buy Online Vivo S1 Pro 8/128GB At Best Price”. It is also important to create the metas in a proper case, which means every first letter of every word should be a capital word.

2) Product Images

It is important to use the original image of the product. This will helps the customer to identify the product color looks some time material as well. It is also important to properly define the dimension of the product. This will also help you to appear more frequently on the search engine result page and online shopping store page.

3) Product Details

Online users always see the product details and specifications, so a user should identify the product with its model number and whether a product is useful for him or not. A detailed note and different images help the customer to purchase things more easily.

4) Chatting With Customers

Most of the site also shows the seller matrics about the seller engagement with the customer by chat response. This is one of the most noticeable things which show the user that either the seller is good or bad.

5) Sellers Review

Online users always see the reviews of different products and sellers made by their previous buyers which identify the seller rating in terms of chat response rate, positive seller rating, and ship on time. If you are starting an online business, then you must have to maintain these stats to get more business

So, after all this Now you can open your online store, also you will be able to optimize it by yourself without needing other people or hiring other people. These are some basic things which can be done by yourself by practice and with some research from online shopping stores and shopping blogs as well. Always try to deliver items in quality packing so that return and claims of a product can be reduced and deliver items with the same colour mentioned in the description and shown in the image.

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