How To Write A Simple E-Commerce Marketing Plan

The success of your e-commerce business depends greatly on your marketing. So, knowing how to write a simple e-commerce marketing plan will help you a lot along the way. Without a written marketing plan everything in your business will seem gibberish.

Writing a simple e-commerce marketing plan


To be focused on your goal you will need a marketing plan written down. This keeps you on the right track towards your e-commerce business. As the business is can be very broad you can easily lose your way. So, to make sure you gain success in your business you must have a written marketing plan.

Let’s check out how you can write an e-commerce marketing plan for your business.

  1. Define your objective: First of all, you will need to figure out the objective of your business or a particular product. Things you are trying to achieve through various means is something you must pre define. Then you will have to name that objective to make sure you are on the right way. It’s like creating the pathway to your marketing goal.
  2. Define the target: After you have made sure what your objective is you will need to determine who is it for. You will need to determine the target audience for your marketing campaign. You will have to research for your audience properly. Then you have to divide them up properly. Finally, you will need to create contents based on the different divisions you have created.
  3. Make a budget: Come up with a budget for your e-commerce marketing plan. That will be considered as a cost for your particular product or campaign. It’s necessary to have a budget before you approach towards your marketing plan. Having a budget will allow to progress through your goal easily.
  4. Do the SWOT analysis: You will need to go through SWOT analysis for your marketing plan.This is a very basic marketing concept that works everywhere. In the SWOT analysis you will figure out your strengths and highlight them as much as you can. In cases of your weaknesses you will need to mitigate them. You will need to look out for all the opportunities and threats in your e-commerce business. Usually, these are some external forces that involve your competitors and their performance.
  5. Work on the competition: Make sure you have an upper hand on the competition. For that you can try out different kinds of strategies. First of all, you will need to check up on the condition of your competitors. Then look for ways to be better than the competition you are with. Work on those and make the most out of it. Having a better marketing plan than your competition will surely give you a better name on the market.
  6. Keep track of your plan: After following all this make sure you are tracking your progress. You will need to check out if the plan is working or not. If it’s not then you will need to recreate a marketing plan following all the steps.


With these steps you can easily come up with a simple e-commerce marketing plan. Writing a plan will give you a heads up on the things you want to do with your business. Marketing is obviously something that helps elevate your business.

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