8 Best Plugins Every New WooCommerce User Should Know About

Here is the list of the top WooCommerce plugins for you. Each comes with unique features.

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Discount Rules for WooCommerce

Discount Rules for WooCommerce will be a great choice that enables you to design an endless number of dynamic price and discount rules for your eCommerce store. The effective WooCommerce Coupon plugin Discount Rules for WooCommerce allows online store owners to create and manage unique discounts and promotions quickly.

With the help of this WooCommerce Discount Rules plugin, you can set up a variety of discounts, from basic ones like storewide, percentage, and tiered pricing discounts to more complex ones like BOGO offers, user and user role-based, bundle, and other discounts.

Other exciting features are;

  • Create discounts for various product features, categories, and more.
  • Dependant product-based discounts
  • Coupon code-activated discount rules
  • Exclude selected products from discount rules
  • Cart conditions-based discount offers
  • Set usage limits and validity period for discount rules
  • Options to display promotional based on cart quantity
  • Create discount and coupon deals with WPML compatibility
  • Allows to customize, enable/disable bulk discount table

Abandoned Cart Recovery

Retainful – Abandoned cart recovery has an easy-to-use interface that allows you to recover abandoned carts, leading to an increase in revenue. With this cart recovery plugin, you can set up personalized email campaigns and set up purchase follow-up, referral, and abandoned cart emails to increase traffic to your website naturally.

Additionally, you can track a customer’s shopping journey, collect emails and send emails to all customers to engage customers to complete their purchase. This plugin comes with pre-built automation workflow templates, which help you to recover abandoned carts.

Other exciting features include;

  • Add to cart popup for lead generation
  • Single-click recovery for customers
  • Drag & Drop email editor
  • Real-time insights & analytics
  • Option to send unlimited WooCommerce cart recovery emails
  • Pre-built automation workflow templates
  • Pre-built email templates
  • Trigger rules and Path splits
  • Percentage, flat amount & free shipping discount
  • Drag and drop email editor

Points and Rewards plugin for WooCommerce

WPLoyalty is another best points and rewards plugin for WooCommerce you should know about. This plugin lets you start a loyalty program in just a few steps. By implementing a loyalty program, you can engage customers and improve customer loyalty more effectively.

With WLoyalty, you can also set up a referral program in WooCommerce and acquire more customers. The exciting part is that you can reward your existing and new customers with exclusive deals and discounts.

Other exciting features include;

  • Reward in percentage or fixed discounts, freebies, or free shipping
  • Create levels/tiers for your VIP customers
  • Check customer activities via a dashboard
  • Option to set point expiry dates and send reminder emails
  • Customizable rewards page
  • Launcher-widget
  • WPML support
  • Integrates multi-currency
  • Import/export customers

Email Customizer plus for WooCommerce

With Email customizer plus for WooCommerce, you can create better, professional-looking emails for your customers. This email customizer comes with a user-friendly drag-and-drop editor, allowing you to design emails that look appealing quickly.

With the help of the email customizer plus plugin, you can add a header, an image, an icon, and more. It’s in one plugin, which, surprisingly, helps your WooCommerce store engage customers and boost sales naturally.

Other exciting features;

  • Customize emails
  • Supports third-party plugins
  • Include dynamic data with shortcodes
  • Readymade email templates
  • Responsive, Mobile friendly
  • Instant live preview
  • WPML support
  • Test email options
  • Backup email templates in a single click

Checkout Upsell and Order Bump for WooCommerce

The checkout upsells and order bump is the perfect plugin for upselling and increasing average order value for WooCommerce. With the help of this plugin, you can add various upsell offers to a single campaign and display upsell offers on the cart page.

With its advanced targeting rules, you can increase consumer engagement by making customized offers at the checkout page. You can quickly make upsell offers as a store owner depending on the products customers have in their cart, categories, order value, and more.

With the other exciting features, you can,

  • Add upsell offers based on a percentage or fixed price value.
  • Set a usage limit to encourage customers to avail of the discount.
  • Create order bump offers on scheduled periods.
  • Track the campaign views and utilization of upsell offers.
  • Display your upsell offers in various locations on the checkout page.
  • Set the priority to upsell campaigns.
  • Customize your content, text, and images of upsell offers.

Checkout Field Editor and Manager for WooCommerce

The WooCommerce plugin’s checkout field management and editor make adding, modifying, deleting, duplicating, and relocating checkout fields easy. The plugin offers 17+ custom checkout fields to help you gather extra customer information at checkout.

You can edit the custom and default fields and add custom sections to increase flexibility or customize the fields in the order, shipping, and payment sections.

Other features include;

  • Automatic field validation
  • Easy section positioning
  • Create & place the custom section
  • More customizable options
  • Edit fields effortlessly
  • Simple checkout optimizations
  • Supports validations
  • Lots of customizations
  • Additional CSS classes
  • WPML compatibility

Extra Product Options (Custom Addons) for WooCommerce

The WooCommerce plugin’s custom add-ons and additional product choices make it easier to add, edit, delete, duplicate, and change the custom product fields. The plugin offers 16+ custom product fields, allowing you to add helpful information and gather more data on your product page.

Depending on your flexibility, you can design several bespoke product sections. You can display the newly built custom product fields wherever you want on that page, thanks to its conditional logic capability.

Other features include;

  • Easy section positioning
  • Conditional logic (dynamic fields)
  • Edit fields in no time
  • Suits for all store types
  • Freemium plugin
  • Hidden input feature
  • Create custom product sections
  • Order and position the product forms
  • Set price options
  • Show/hide varying prices based on options

Weight-Based Pricing for WooCommerce

The WooCommerce Weight-Based Pricing plugin enables you to specify the weight of your products and set prices based on weight ranges. This plugin is effective, easy to use, and performs well. Give your customers the option to choose the weight of their choice. It applies to all products with a weight portion.

Our weight-based pricing plugin has an easy-to-use interface. You can choose a custom product weight to customize the product more precisely to the user’s preferences. The plugin allows you to customize your product rating with easy drag-and-drop fields and valuable features.

Other features include;

  • Weight Unit
  • Min & Max Weight Options
  • Weight Intervals
  • WPML Compatibility
  • Wastage Percentage
  • Pricing Rules


Gear up your WooCommerce store with the necessary plugins to give your brand a competitive edge. Make customers’ shopping experience easy yet memorable. All these eight plugins mentioned in the blog can benefit your WooCommerce store to acquire more customers, increase customer loyalty and engagement, and improve customer retention. Buckle up and pick the right ones for your store right away.

What are you waiting for? Use these plugins to have a strong starting point for marketing, conversion optimization, security, and performance optimization.

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