Why You Should Integrate WooCommerce With SAP Business One

WooCommerce and SAP Business One are key players in eCommerce and ERP when it comes to small or medium enterprises.

WooCommerce being the most picked eCommerce platform and SAP Business One has become the choice for SMBs for business visibility and operations.

Still, businesses are finding it difficult to manage data integration between the two platforms to manage all inventory, fulfillment and financial aspects, and synchronize customer data, sales order and product info automatically.

The main challenge in managing data flow between WordPress WooCommerce and SAP Business One is Time, Effort & Costs involved in manual data entry and avoiding the hassle of Data Entry Errors and Order Mix-ups.

Why should you do WooCommerce SAP Business One Integration?

WooCommerce SAP Business One integration gives you the enterprise power of SAPBusiness One ERP and the Integration to marketplaces to create an exceptional retail experience for your customers.

Integration manages all inventory, fulfillment and financial aspects, and synchronizes customer data, sales order and product info automatically. It helps you to streamline your back-end to your front-end data and allows you to focus your time and efforts on other activities.

This Integration will automatically do the following:

  • Sync Orders, Customers & Fulfilments
  • Automatically transfers product information, pricing and SKUs
  • Increase your Productivity, Data Accuracy and Business Efficiency
  • Synchronizes customer and account information
  • Automatically synchronizes items between WooCommerce and SAP Business One
  • Updates inventory in real time

Features of WooCommerce and SAP Business One Integration

Product and Inventory Sync

Sync Manage products, kits, bundles, variations, pricing matrix and price levels, images, categories, metadata, category specific product attributes directly from SAP Business One and publish product listings to WooCommerce marketplace.

Stock Levels and Pricing

Keep an accurate eye on item stock levels with information shared between SAP Business One and WooCommerce. Enjoy pricing details shared perfectly between SAP Business One and WooCommerce.

Fulfillment Management

Transfer shipment tracking details like consignment no, expected delivery & personalized message from SAP Business One to online store. Keep customers informed of every stage.

Refunds and Cancellations

Keep track of cancellations and refunds in SAP Business One as they happen on WooCommerce marketplace and provide a best-in-class customer service experience.

Catalog Management

Manage Catalog Details like Name, Description, Price, Images, Variants in SAP Business One and let connector reflect those changes on every platform you sell.

Enhance Customer Service

We create specializations, where SAP Business One will work as an individual customer tracker, allowing you to understand, respond and capture customers with ease.

Order and Customer Sync

It transfers orders and transfers customers to SAP Business One ERP in real time. It also helps identify repeat clients and customers in the whole system.

Time and Money Saving

This powerful integration of Inventory, Orders, Settlement, Fees and Commissions helps save time across all business teams.


Synchronize settlement reports to SAP Business One. It will help you understand the simple and complex marketplace fees and commissions.

Sales Order Sync

FBA and FBM order synchronized in real time with the add-ons power commissions, fees to help understand gross profit.

Track Guest Checkouts

Guest customers and their sales orders are tracked in your ERP. Convert guest buyers into loyal customers.

Error Elimination

Reduce chances of errors with automated data entry systems for all aspects, products, pricing, orders, shipping, etc.

How to integrate WooCommerce and SAP Business One?

Here comes the most important part in which we will discuss how to integrate WooCommerce and SAP Business One together.

There are many eCommerce integration providers which integrate your eCommerce store with SAP ERP.

But The good news is that now you can reap the benefits of SAP Business One and WooCommerce integration without the hassle and hefty price tag.

Delivering real-time WooCommerce integration in minutes, WooCommerce SAP Business One Integration comes with a mapping wizard and pre-built templates that allow you to match WooCommerce data elements to your internal system quickly.

This is an affordable WooCommerce integration solution that gets you up and running quickly and easily. It saves both time and money, freeing up additional time and resources to spend on growing their business rather than focusing on the technical side of integration.


WooCommerce and SAP Business One Integration is a must-have for your business.

This integration manages all inventory, fulfillment, and synchronizes customer data, sales orders, and product info automatically.

Connect your eCommerce store with our WooCommerce & SAP Business One Connector right now to reduce manual data glitches.

That’s all for WooCommerce & SAP Business One Integration. Hope this blog will help you with your integration journey!

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Deepika Chauhan



I am a profound technical writer and consultant currently working with eShopSync, which is acting as a bridge between WooCommerce & SAP Business One to streamline bidirectional data synchronization from one platform to another.

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