Emerging eCommerce Website Development Trends 2022

With the emerging trend of online shopping, every organization is creating its eCommerce store to become a competitive participant in the industry.

As a result, people have a wide variety of online stores.

In such circumstances, the company follows the latest eCommerce trends and updates its online platform accordingly for retaining and attracting customers.

To accomplish productivity, revenue, and other business goals, every enterprise must align eCommerce website development with the latest trends.

Let’s explore some of the significant approaches crucial for running an eCommerce store in 2022.

Voice Commands

With the advancement of technology, eCommerce stores are also modernizing by leveraging customers to use their voices for overall shopping procedures.

Google Assistant, Siri, and Alexa are the most common and easy-to-configure voice-based mechanisms, which you can find on eCommerce platforms.

As a result, the user has to say the product’s name, and it will show the relevant catalog. Furthermore, you can quickly activate it and provide the command to execute the following shopping process.

In addition, some platforms also offer a voice-to-text system for helping the customers to fill in address and transaction information.

In 2022, various online marketplaces are implementing it, and you should also configure it to enhance productivity and revenue.

AI-based Customization

Using Artificial Intelligence can be highly beneficial for improving engagement and customer satisfaction rates.
It will display the customer’s most searched and favorite products by analyzing the shopping behavior, such as which products they have bought earlier, what type of offers they prefer, and so forth.

Moreover, by integrating its modules during eCommerce website development, you can provide a personalized shopping experience to every customer.

Besides this, AI can predict future demand by evaluating real-time data of various online resources, supporting the company to make better decisions in the long run.


With a rapidly accelerating customer base, the workload on the support team also increases, leading to magnifying the need for more human resources and budget.

To save costs and handle extensive customer queries, a chatbot is the best technology trend you can opt for.
You can configure chatbots to quickly resolve expected low to high-level inquiries in a limited time.

From 2020, companies embedding chatbots on their website as the first line of interaction have reduced staff workload. In addition, it helps to provide 24×7 support to customers, saving time and optimizing the customer experience.

Multiple Payment Gateways

While shopping from online platforms, every customer prefers to pay according to their comfort.

By providing multiple payment options to each customer, you can increase your sales. Also, it will improve the trust between stakeholders and the organization.

In addition, integrating different gateways can help you to extend business in the international market and to meet essential customer needs. It will also lead to effectively updating the accounts and automatically managing and verifying every customer transaction.

By adjoining gateways with analytical tools, you can create appropriate documentation, supporting upgrading business strategies.

Image Source – https://ecommerceguide.com/guides/ecommerce-payment-stats-which-methods-do-shoppers-want/

Most customers prefer Digital Wallets, credit cards, and debits cards for shopping, so you must focus on embedding all these gateways in your eCommerce platform.

Social Media eCommerce

Nowadays, people spend most of their time on social media platforms, and eCommerce stores utilize it as a primary element for expanding their sales.

In 2022, you can use social media to run ad campaigns and reach out to your target audience.

You can effortlessly showcase your products over your official page and social media influencers. Whether it’s Instagram, Snapchat, or Facebook, you can smoothly integrate it with your eCommerce store to build a strong brand across the internet.

Social Media is a powerful tool to attract more visitors, generate extensive leads, and redirect users to the online platform. In addition, it also aids in seamlessly interacting with your audience and building a stronger customer relationship.

Social Commerce stats
Image Source: https://influencermarketinghub.com/social-commerce-stats/

According to online surveys, sales of eCommerce stores will reach up to US$79.64 Billion by using Social Media platforms.

Omnichannel Marketing Strategies

For running a successful online business, having multiple touchpoints has become a necessity, and for achieving it, following an omnichannel approach is the best fit.

It will ensure you attract more users through advertisements, email marketing, etc.

To successfully execute omnichannel strategies, you have to develop a website, a mobile application, a web app, and a social media account.

All the applications must be in link with each other, and you should update content simultaneously across all of them.

In addition, if you have offline stores, you should connect the system with other eCommerce applications to provide the exact offers to every customer.

For boosting your sales in 2022, the omnichannel procedure can help you a lot.

Augmented Reality

Embedding AR functionalities in an eCommerce platform is becoming popular among small to large enterprises.
It helps to reduce the product’s return rate, as it aids the customer to inspect every angle of the product before buying it.

For instance, if you have an online store to sell eyeglasses and sunglasses, you can embed Augmented Reality to provide try-on features to your customers.

The system will capture the customer’s face and display selected glasses on the front. Also, if the customer moves his head, it will show the right and left view in real-time.
Infographic Source: https://www.thinkwithgoogle.com/consumer-insights/consumer-trends/ar-shopping-interest-statistics/

Also, as per Google Insights, 60% of users are comfortable and want AR features while shopping online.

Rounding Up

The merging trends in the eCommerce market can highly benefit any organization, as it will help to enhance the conversion rate and reduce errors and workload.

Developing eCommerce stores according to the above-listed trends allows you to have a better customer relationship and build a brand across online sources. Moreover, it will aid you in providing a steady experience to all users, engaging them for a more extended period with a high probability of buying something from your store.

Moving with the latest trends for 2022 will promise you a full-service eCommerce solution, covering edge-to-edge customer needs.

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