Top 10 Ecommerce Online Marketplaces for Buyers and Sellers In 2022

Business to Business online platforms have totally altered the method of doing business. It is far better than the conventional business methods. B2B e-commerce has proven advantages for businesses. It ultimately turns site visitors into potential customers with just a click.

Below mentioned are the top 10 leading b2b platforms which help businesses to succeed around the world. These platforms deliver uncountable profits to both their consumers and sellers too. If you are a b2b retailer or wholesaler then it is mandatory for you to visit these websites to expand your business.

1. eWorldTrade

There is no doubt in saying that eWorldtrade has become one of the most notable platforms in a very short time span. It is a U.S based platform, headquarters are in Dallas, Texas. Its objective is to help Chinese retailers, wholesalers, suppliers to grow their business across the globe. Other than Chinese, many suppliers from other countries have also registered themselves on the website of eWorldTrade too.

2. Amazon

Amazon is the most persuasive b2b platform around the world that connects millions of sellers to buyers from all over the world. It has a diversified collection of products available on its website. It is the most trustable website across the globe to buy from a distance and to sell through. They ensure that the product they deliver to their customers must be of high quality. Amazon pledges to provide the fastest delivery of goods to its potential clients. Moreover, customers have a wide range of choices for a single product. It has a large capacity to deliver its promising services on time.

3. Alibaba

Alibaba always emphasizes providing a fraud-free platform to its buyers and sellers that simplifies genuine trading. Most importantly it provides choices to buy high-quality products at a very low and affordable cost sideways with an enormous series of distinctions. They offer exclusive and good quality products to their customers which you can seldom see on other marketplaces today. There is no vagueness to saying that Alibaba is one of the highly known names in the B2B online marketplace around the world.

4. DHgate

DHgate is another famous platform that encourages buyers from different countries of the world to buy Chinese products. It has a diverse range of products available to buy from electronic appliances to apparel and many more. There are almost 30 million + products listed in different countries of the world by DHgate. Right now, it has over 5 million consumers around the world and is among the topmost stay sites on the internet.

5. EC plaza

It is one of the swiftest emergent B2B platforms in South Korea. It is a Korean platform that provides e-commerce solutions for b2b markets. It is operational in four languages such as English, Japanese, Chinese, and of course Korean. It always tries to provide a better experience to its buyers and sellers.

6. Global sources

Global source is another well-known b2b platform that provides a great stage for the buyers and sellers to cooperatively connect with each other and perform buying and selling functions effectively. It has become one of the top wholesaler companies. Global sources encourage new and modern techniques to search for and develop new products and services for their clients. They offer a business-to-business e-commerce platform that cares for buyers from all over the world.

7. AliExpress

AliExpress is a far-fetched online marketplace. Also known as the subsidiary of Alibaba, an extremely notable name in the B2B online platforms around the world. Generally, it is to facilitate small businesses who cannot manage to pay to buy bulky quantities of products for retail purposes, AliExpress is also a prodigious online marketplace for them too.

8. eBay

Now eBay has full-grown and industrialized into one of the most eminent websites in the world, with over 230 million listed users and 114 million active users since its formation. Trading (which allows individuals to exchange real objects), Marketplace (which allows people to buy and sell intangible items like services or used items), and StubHub are the three primary platforms on the website.

At first, eBay was built to facilitate people in buying and selling used items in good conditions through the use of a web platform.

9. MadeInChina

Made in China is one of the world’s most extensive Chinese B2B portals that was launched in 1996. It is operational under the Focus Technology. The main emphasis on the growth of Made In China is to proposition easily attainable and better-quality web-based trading solutions to the new startups and economic giant enterprises to promote Chinese trade throughout the world.


It is right to say that is among one of the first-born and veteran b2b platforms. That is serving for decades. It is an America based company that allows global importers to get connected with new suppliers. It also ensures outsourcing the best quality products. Along with the products, it also offers the best digital marketing services. The company promises to provide the best service and products to its consumers. It fascinates so many buyers and sellers to approach its website, as it’s totally free.


It has seemed that for the customers, online buying is more opportune. They prefer to buy their required products from their home sitting on their sofa instead of going to the market which is a great hassle as always. Especially businesses need to buy in bulk quantity when they are doing wholesaling.

B2B e-commerce will let you dive into the sea of the fastest-growing online business market. With the help of it, businesses connect with a large number of consumers. That helps in boosting their sales. It is also convenient for the buyers because they get the fastest delivery of their ordered product.

All of the above-mentioned platforms for b2b e-commerce are beneficial for the b2b business, what you need to do is to wisely choose the platform that fits best your wants and needs. It is highly recommended that you should choose two or three best platforms to sell your product in case you afford the cost. Or else you can choose those websites that offer the same service for free.

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