Increase Shopify Sales By Collecting More Reviews In 2022

Feedback from customers is really valuable. They not only make you feel good (who doesn’t like a little ego boost?!, but they also help you enhance your products, create a better store experience, and increase conversions while you’re doing it.

In reality, the single best approach to hone your business is to listen to input from your lovely devoted consumers. And, as a result, you may expect greater sales and satisfied customers. When it comes to converting casual browsers into eager purchasers, customer reviews are one strategy that can help.

According to the Global Web Index, nearly half of North American consumers consult online customer reviews when looking for more information about a brand, product, or service. In North America, 31.2 percent of consumers say they believe what online reviews say about products.

People have a higher level of trust in their peers than they do in enterprises. As a result, boosting customer evaluations is critical to your retail business’s success.

What Are Customer Reviews?

Customer reviews are undoubtedly familiar to you, but let’s review them fast. Simply put, reviews are publicly shared customer experiences from the past.

They are either a written narrative of a buyer’s experience with your brand or a review of your goods written by someone who has already purchased it.

Reviews are frequently accompanied by a star rating, with one star indicating a bad experience and five stars meaning a fantastic experience or a true love for your product.

Why are customer reviews so important?

Online reviews are trusted by 91 percent of consumers between the ages of 18 and 34. They adore them so much that they rely on them as much as personal recommendations. When you consider that 92% of buyers are hesitant to purchase without customer reviews, you can see how critical reviews are in the buying process.

But the good times don’t end there. According to research, thoughts are essential for increasing conversions. Simply adding reviews to your business may boost conversion rates by 270 percent, and 68 percent of customers are willing to pay up to 15% more for the same product or service if they know they’ll have a better experience.

To summarise, customer reviews increase conversions by attracting more buyers. You could be losing out on a significant portion of your sales if you don’t use them.

Customer evaluations are critical in eCommerce because they provide a sense of security to online shoppers, encouraging them to make a purchase.

Because customers can’t touch or see the object they’re buying online, there’s often apprehension about its quality. Before a buyer clicks the buy button, reviews can help to ease this and address any objections they may have.

Why should your Shopify store get product reviews?

Let’s start with the most basic question: why should you care about product reviews in the first place? Are there any advantages to including them?

Yes, indeed! There are numerous advantages to adding reviews to your online store. I’ll go over four of them in detail below.

Increased conversion rate is the first benefit

Are you looking to boost your conversion rate? Well, adding reviews to your store is a terrific place to start!

The reality is, adding reviews to your Shopify business has more benefits than just raising your conversion rate. It also has several other advantages, such as assisting you in establishing confidence in your store.

Increase overall trust

The second advantage is that it boosts customer confidence in your Shopify site. Again, this one is related to the previous benefit: it improves your conversion rate.

According to one survey, 88 percent of consumers trust internet reviews as much as personal recommendations, and 72 percent believe favourable evaluations increase their trust in firms.

Millennials, in particular, place 50 percent more trust in user-generated material than in other forms of media.
These figures make you want to get reviews in your business right now, don’t they?

Improve your Google ranking

It can help you rank higher on Google if you appropriately permit your reviews to be displayed. This is ideal if your Shopify store’s SEO is a priority.

But why do these reviews assist you in getting a better ranking?

So, let’s begin by looking at the image below. Which one appears to be more appealing to click on:

But that’s not all: reviews can increase CTR by up to 35 percent, according to a CXL study.

Another thing to consider is that reviews are a top-ranking factor for local businesses, according to a Moz study.

You can use reviews to help you enhance your brand

Both favourable and negative reviews might aid in the improvement of your company. You may be aware of the benefits of good reviews, but did you know that bad reviews can also be beneficial?

A bad criticism can have a positive side since it might reveal a business issue, process, or staff issue that you might not have discovered otherwise.

If you receive a poor review, consider how you may improve. Don’t just ignore it or become angry at the individual who left a negative review.

Customer Reviews: How to Use Them to Boost Conversions

Now that you understand the value of customer reviews let’s look at some of the most effective ways to incorporate them into your Shopify store.

Add Testimonials to Your Home Page

Make your Shopify site as welcoming as possible to new visitors, as it is the entrance to your virtual store. You want them to feel right at home right away, so they can put their reservations aside and get down to business buying your fantastic products.

Add customer testimonials on your website’s homepage to accomplish this. Simply seeing past buyer reviews will make your customers feel like they’re part of a community.

Share Customer reviews on Your Product Pages

According to Reevoo’s research, 50 or more reviews per product can result in a 4.6 percent improvement in conversion rates. Isn’t it pretty decent?

This is where your customers will make their ultimate decision (after possibly comparing a few similar products on your competitors’ websites). As a result, you’ll want to make this stage of the buying process as enticing as possible.

One of the essential parts in the buying cycle is the product page, and having a collection of strong customer reviews may assist drive potential customers over the edge. As a result, you’ll see an increase in conversions, which is a win-win situation. The customer receives their wonderful red shoes, and you have a new customer.

Reviews can be added to shopping carts and at the checkout

Across all industries, the average cart abandonment rate is high. Like, high. At the moment, it’s averaging at 69.57 percent. This means that most customers who add your products to their shopping cart will not purchase them. Instead, they’re going to leave and may not return. Ouch.

This figure demonstrates that clients do not always buy when they reach the checkout step.

Instead, this is the time to give them the strongest push in the right direction, as well as a generous helping of comfort. It is, after all, the final step in the purchasing process and the point at which consumers must part with their hard-earned money.

How to increase the number of product reviews?

Do you believe it’s worthwhile to give away things in exchange for product reviews?

Not gathering enough product reviews for social proof, etc., appears to be a typical issue.

This could be a good method to convince people to do it, and it would only cost the purchase of the given item.
Because it allows users to post reviews directly from their WhatsApp, I prefer the reviewbit app on multiple sites, and it is responsible for practically all of my reviews. Because only a small percentage of crazies would return to a website to post a review.

Wrapping up

In your Shopify store, reviews are a simple yet extremely effective technique to boost conversions.
They work hard to reassure potential customers, develop brand trust, and give people the slight nudge they need to purchase at every point of the sales cycle.
Best of luck!

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