Reasons Why Online Shopping is Better than Offline Shopping


With the increase in internet users, online purchasing is booming in India and it’s miles expected to develop at a rapid tempo in destiny also. According to a report from financial times, the number of purchasers who buy online is probable to cross extra than one hundred million. Just due to the expansion, most of the stores in recent times …

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Centra grows exponentially during the pandemic – onboarded one new leading brand per week during 2020

Nudie Jeans

The brand focused, headless e-commerce platform Centra has been growing exponentially during the pandemic. During 2020, more than 50 new fashion brands joined the platform to accelerate their e-commerce operations – both Direct-to-Consumer and Digital Wholesale. New clients include Stronger, Craft Sportswear, Eton Shirts, NN07, Verso Skincare, Hestra och Viking Outdoor wear. Centra is now aiming for an aggressive international …

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Why Cyber Security Is Important For Ecommerce Business?


Be it site optimization for Google search, quality control, marketing, or product development, a lot goes into an eCommerce website. But each of these processes can prove to be useless if a business does not put in the effort for realizing the significance of cybersecurity. Emerging as a worldwide economic engine, all eCommerce websites are designed on a protected and …

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